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Preparing the Garden for Winter in New Jersey

by Vicki Patterson

Residing in New Jersey, Vicki Patterson cares for Gypsy Vanner horses and offers puppies for adoption at RiverPointe Farm in Bloomsbury. Ms. Patterson also enjoys gardening and cooking in her spare time. She shares some tips for winter gardening below.

While people often think of summer and fall as the prime seasons for gardening, winter is also crucial. Taking time in the late fall and early winter to prepare the garden for some downtime will help to ensure a fruitful growing season over the next year.

Cover the garden area with compost, including vegetable scraps, cut grass, and leaves. While you can buy compost, ideally you should create your own because this method is more sustainable.

Clean up the yard. Remove dead tree branches and any plants that did not survive the change of seasons. Be sure to cut back parts of the garden or yard that have become overgrown and pick up any leaves that will decompose in the winter.

If you have a lawn, make sure to prepare it for the cold weather, too. Early winter serves as a great time to apply fertilizer and grass seed, especially to bare spots.

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