About Vicki Patterson

Since 2009, Vicki Patterson has bred imported Gypsy horses at her
farm in beautiful Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The Gypsy breed
has come to American soil from the shores of England; Patterson
has worked hard to ensure these majestic and hard-working animals
have a home in the hearts of horse lovers in the United States.

Vicki Patterson breeds her horses in the Gypsy tradition, so the 
animals retain all the traits inherent to the majestic breed. 
Gypsy horses are known around the world for their gentle 
disposition and sure-footedness. The horses are short and stocky, 
creating a particularly muscular build and a versatile breed 
ideally suited for riding, pulling, and general companionship. 
Patterson says these horses are safe, quiet, small, and a great 
“go-to” horse for timid riders.

At RiverPointe Farm, Vicki Patterson breeds Gypsy horses with a 
great amount of care and pride. The 64-acre property is an 
unspoiled and tranquil location perfectly suited and safe for her 
animals to roam, train, and develop. Vicki Patterson has been 
involved in collie rescue for many years, and RiverPointe Farm is 
now home to three rescued collies and five dachshunds.

Patterson has a variety of animals available in her sale barn, 
including a mare, a filly, and a show/riding horse. The farm, 
nestled next to the Musconetcong River, sits proudly in Bloomsbury, 
New Jersey. With only 870 residents, the town is sparsely populated, 
and is far away from any loud, disruptive cities.

Vicki Patterson and her husband Mike leave the front gate to 
RiverPointe Farm open not only to prospective horse buyers, but also 
to visitors looking for a cozy place to relax and talk about the 
majestic Gypsy horse. Currently, Vicki Patterson has three Gypsy horses 
available to buy. Those interested in seeing the horses or just 
visiting the farm can contact Patterson by phone at 908-455-0111 
or via e-mail at riverpointefarm@gmail.com. For a look at the horses 
in action, RiverPointe Farm’s website can be found at www.ownagypsy.com.

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